Computers and Writing 2015 (May 28-31, 2015)

Noodin will discuss the process of working with a publisher to create a bi-lingual book of poetry with a digital component, and how collaborations with Freshwater scientists can be used in a language classroom where students are learning one of Wisconsin's first languages. Most importantly, Noodin will share the reasons why she believes the bright screens, wires, and Internet can be an inspiration opposed to an impediment in language revitalization work and scholarship (

Link to “Weweni Poems in Anishinaabemowin and English” ...

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Keynote 3

When Kelly McCullough started submitting short stories in the ‘90s, the writer’s side of the publishing process was conducted almost entirely on paper and through the post. These days, newer writers don’t even know what a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope is, and he handles interactions with his various publishers almost entirely electronically. Other changes include the rise of social media as both the dominant promotion platform and the water cooler of the industry, the introduction of the ebook as a major force, easy downloads of audio books, Kickstarter, online collaboration tools,...

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Keynote 2

Cheryl E. Ball is editor of Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy, and associate professor of digital publishing studies at West Virginia University. She has edited numerous special issues of digital writing studies journals and several book collections, including the award-winning The New Work of Composing (CCDP, 2012). She regularly publishes on digital scholarship, multimodal composition, editorial pedagogy, and academic professionalization in peer-reviewed and popular venues. Ball has written several textbooks on visual and multimodal rhetoric, including Writer/...

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Keynote 1

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