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Discovering Your Inner Starbucks: Personality Quizzes as Cultural and Digital Literacy in FYC
Composing and Publishing Digital Scholarship
Welcome to my parlor: Exploring ethos as a dwelling place in the case of Anonymous hacktivism
The Fall of Wikipedia: When Crowdsourcing Fails
“Wait, We’re Not Writing Essays?”: Teaching Diversity Through the Profile in the First-Year Writing Classroom
The Technoliteracy of Impact, or How to Use Bibliometrics and Get Noticed
Cloud Storage as Friend and Foe in Documenting and Archiving Pedagogical Practices
Accessing Networks at Community Technology Centers
Mobile learning for accessible education
The Sounds of Access: Disability, Art, and Open-Source DIT (do-it-together) Interventions
The Rhetorical Possibilities of Trigger Warnings
New Media Matter Matters: Preservation, Access, and Literacy in Digital Archives
Visually Communicating Visual Impairments
Challenges and Possibilities for Student Writing Outcomes Using Video Feedback
Challenging Assumptions about Access to Technology: A Data-Driven Approach
Technological Inventions and Embodied Interventions
Cyborg Gaze: Making Identities and Images in the C&W Community
Delivering the Future of Writing: A Critical Analysis of Google Documents Using the Fifth Canon
Student-Led Interventions: Developing Campus Accessibility in Writing Classrooms
Disability FTW! Activism, Embodiment, and Online Communities
Disability, Access, and Technology
Talk to the Talkers: what is academic podcasting all about?
"Photo Booth is not Photoshop": Interventions in Girls’ Familiar Digital Practices
Negotiating Networked Learning in the Era of Literacies
Creating Interactive Webpages to Highlight Student Success
Empowering and Sustaining Peer Mentoring: An Interactive Workshop Panel for Graduate Students and Faculty
UxD and Online Writing Labs: Meeting the Needs of a Changing Global Audience
Citation in Web 3.0: The In-Essay Hypertext Bibliography
Switch to InDesign, Switch to DITA--A Workshop in learning InDesign alongside Darwin Information Typing Architecture
Intervening Narratives: Technological Literacies of Marginalized Discourse Communities
Making the Inaccessible Accessible: Online Multimodal Teaching Genres
Empowering and Sustaining Graduate Student Peer Mentoring
Precarious Deliberation: Fostering Ruptures in Multimodal Public Writing Assignments
Learning for Their Livelihood: Tracing the Technoliteracy Lineages of Returning Adult Students in First Year Composition
Digital/Visual Literacies and Multimodal Strategies in the Writing Classroom