Digital Humanities

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Crowdsourcing: A Model for Communication and Collaboration in the Classroom and Beyond
Multimodal Inventions, Transnational Interventions: Decolonizing Imaginaries at an Online Social Change Museum
physComposition: Circuit Crafting and Composing Physical–Digital Texts
Twitter as a Collaborative Writing and Learning Environment
Making, Makers, and Makerspaces: The Virtual-Material Rhetorics of Digital Fabrication
What Readability Scores Can (and Can’t) Tell us about Teaching Difficult Literature
Media-ting Identity
Welcome to my parlor: Exploring ethos as a dwelling place in the case of Anonymous hacktivism
Copy, Combine, Transform: Assemblage in First Year Composition
Assembling Your Own U2: Reading, Research, and Writing in Transmediated Territories
The Rhetoric of Audience Empathy: Why Love is a Practical Necessity for Critical Reading in the Social Media Age
Terrorism, Insurgency, and Invasion: A Case Study of Destiny as a Dystopic Revolution Narrative
Tweeting the Discipline: Knowledge Construction in Digital Spheres and Academic Conferences
Rustic or Vintage Glam?: Pinterest as a Wedding Planning Tool
The Dao of Website Design: Exploring the Role of Culture in the Visual Rhetoric of Chinese and American University Websites
“Should I say that?”: Venting, Repercussions, and Self-censorship on Social Media
The Distributed Machine and its Texts: Developing Network Literacies for the Cloud
Remaking Moby-Dick as In(ter)vention
User Generated Content as Technical Communication: A Text Mining Content Analysis
Tweeting to Build Digital Counterpublics: Rethinking Epideictic Rhetoric through Thai Hashtag Activism
An in(ter)vention of humanistic ethics: Digital rhetorics, technical writing, and the “global” techno-literate conundrum
The New York Public Library: Digitally Remade, Not Undone
Digital Curation as Rhetorical Practice
Mapping Literacies: Using Google Maps to Facilitate Student Literacy Self Advocacy
An Invention for the Sake of intervention: Google Glass and the Examined Life
Terms of Engagement: Mapping Methods of Feminist Historiographic Research
Sensing, Moving, Thinking, & Writing: Embodied Practices for a Digital Landscape
New Media Matter Matters: Preservation, Access, and Literacy in Digital Archives
The Struggle and Appropriation of Sound in Radio Documentary
Public Protest 2.0: Transforming Twitter into a Public Place for Protest
Unplanned encounters: Distance research as epideictic experience architecture
Civic Engagement Ap: Empowering Slacktivist Rhetors to Enact "Real World" Social Change
Mapping the Material Effects of 21st Century Authorship
Building Connections between digital humanities and Computers & Writing: A C&W/HASTAC Simulcast/Cross-Conference Dialog
Cell Phones, Transactive Memory, and You: Leveraging Moble Writing in FYC
Rhetoric, Writing, and Tools: An Experiment in Team Teaching a Hybrid Digital Humanities and Digital Writing Course
Inventions in "Web-Sensibility": Coding ePortfolios for Research
Tumblr & the Framework of Rigorous Play: Digital Interventions for Multilingual Students
Merging Multimodal Pedagogy with Critical Pedagogy: The Day the Instructor Disappeared
Hunting and Gathering: Tweeting #cwcon
Multimedia to Learn: Multimodal Interventions in the Writing Classroom
Odd Genres: Beyond the Video Essay
Beyond Social Networks: Mapping the Landscape of Dynamic Online Communities
Whistle While You Work: The Hidden Labor in Academic Play
Of Networks, Rhizomes, and the GoPro Rhetorical Actor
Proactive Interventions: Course Design to Increase Student Persistence and Retention
Creating Interactive Webpages to Highlight Student Success
Writing with Writing: The Role of Software in Digital Composition
Transformative Composition and Performativity: Digital Scholarly Work as Academic Fanfiction
Relocated Attractions at Modern Amusement Parks: Rebuilding an Experience through Rhetoric
Dat(a)ctors: rhetoric, design, and storytelling
Internet Gremlins: Unchecked Hashtag Growth and Digital Evolution Conundrums
The Terminator Agonistes: Cyborgs in the Popular Imagination
Writing history in Wikipedia: A study of World War II articles
Responsibility in the Days of Digital Rhetoric
Multimodal Feedback: Assessing Traditional Writing with Sound and Video
"Computer." (Chug-chug-chug) "Working." Futures of Text, as Predicted by Star Trek, Rossum's Robots, and Gadget Salesmen
Using Our Whole Vocabulary: Comics and Digital Design in the First-Year Writing Classroom
Reveal the myth of (in)directness: A study on Chinese social media users’ rhetorical preference
Reveal the myth of (in)directness: A study on Chinese social media users’ rhetorical preference
Freestyle Digitality: An Approach to Reading and Writing Through Text Transformation and Improvisation
Straddling the (On)line: Newsweek, Slate, and Citation Practices in the Late Age of Print
Digital Folklore in the Classroom: Urban Legends, Popular Culture, and Collective Knowledge Communities in Online Writing
Sound Pedagogy: Sound Art as Rhetoric, Poetic, and a Voice in the Composition Classroom
Fists in the (Virtual) Air: Student Digital Activism as Technoliterate In(ter)vention
All Your Font are Belong to Us: Gaming in the Late Age of Print
Affective Dissonance and Contextual Orientations to Digital Composing Across Three University Bodies
The New Aesthetic, Rhetorical Carpentry, and Writing/Enacting the Paradigm: the Centrality of Hyperrhetoricity in the Practices of Digital Rhetoric
Mobile Media: Histories, Aesthetics, and Ethics