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Terrorism, Insurgency, and Invasion: A Case Study of Destiny as a Dystopic Revolution Narrative
The Real and the Realm: Gaming, Teaching, and Learning in a 21st Century Context
Play/Perform ​Electracy—the game (hybrid session)
"Stories that burn like fire": Digital literacy practices in a modding/gaming community
User Generated Content as Technical Communication: A Text Mining Content Analysis
Technoliterate In(ter)ventions: Surveillance, Privacy, and Net Neutrality
Easter Eggs: Hunting for the Expansion of Digital Delivery
“Game Over, Man. Game Over”: Computer Game Literacy in Wake of a Culture War
Cyborg Pedagogies: Exploring the new pedagogical spaces of composition
Tracing Women’s Technoliterate Experiences: Challenging Cultural Assumptions through Media Rhetorics, #GamerGate, & Activist Initiatives
Learning to Use Digital Games and Play: Literacy and Praxis
SWIFT In(ter)vention: an Interactive Workshop on Ethical Game Design
When Students Design Games: Risks, Rewards, and Possibilities
Teaching Composition One Block at a Time with Digital Game Design
“Hold Run to Jump Far”: Examining Schell’s Elemental Tetrad of Game Design in Instructional Documentation Throughout Game History
Modalities of construction, collaboration, and conversation in game-based pedagogies
¡Te Amo, Sparklecow!: An Augmented Reality Game for Writing
Building a Community of Practice using Video Game Pedagogy
Reading the Newsgame: Considerations for Using Games to Teach Critical Thinking Skills
Relocated Attractions at Modern Amusement Parks: Rebuilding an Experience through Rhetoric
ELIZA in SimCity: The Role of V(irtual)-Humans in Technical Writing
Intervening Narratives: Technological Literacies of Marginalized Discourse Communities
Too Much! Video Games and Informal Learning
So the Wor(l)d Might be Mended: Ambient Interventions in Digital Writing Networks
All Your Font are Belong to Us: Gaming in the Late Age of Print
Virtual Worlds and Real-World Concerns: Using the ‘Embodied Experience’ of Gameplay to Explore Nature and the Environment in Mainstream Roleplaying Videogames
Mobile Media: Histories, Aesthetics, and Ethics