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Autism, Neurodiversity, and Identity Formation through the Internet
Multimoral Video Pedagogy: The Role of Emotion, Empathy, and Engagement in Audio-Visual Writing
Redefining who we be: Academics inventing motherhood in the digital age of blogging, conferencing, and storytelling in class.
Re/Fashioning and Re/Imagining Community: Identities, Performances, and Online Spaces
Women's Health and Fitness on Pinterest: An Examination of the Formation of Idealized Bodies
The Technoliteracy of Impact, or How to Use Bibliometrics and Get Noticed
Rustic or Vintage Glam?: Pinterest as a Wedding Planning Tool
From Word to Image: Avatars and the Limits of Identity Creation in Digital Composition
The New York Public Library: Digitally Remade, Not Undone
Mechanical Turks in the Era of Technoilliteracy
Dwelling in Difficulty: Learning from Women's Critical Engagement with Unfamiliar Technologies
An Invention for the Sake of intervention: Google Glass and the Examined Life
Actor Network Theory as In(ter)vention: Connecting Material and Semiotic Threads Across Community-University Literacy Sponsorship
Visually Communicating Visual Impairments
Cyborg Gaze: Making Identities and Images in the C&W Community
Transcontextual Interventions in Digital Literacy Research
Reinventing Digital Composing: How Comics and Materialist Rhetorics Are Revolutionizing Digital Composition Pedagogies
Beyond Social Networks: Mapping the Landscape of Dynamic Online Communities
Inhabiting Dissonance: Web-Based Media as Genre and Technology
Boldly Speaking Where No One Has Spoken Before: Parrhesia, Risk, and Truth-Telling in Digital Spaces
"See" you later: Online Conferencing with Students
Self Disclosure and Censorship in Facebook Status Updates
Self Disclosure and Censorship in Facebook Status Updates
Multimodal Feedback: Assessing Traditional Writing with Sound and Video
Making the Inaccessible Accessible: Online Multimodal Teaching Genres
Empowering and Sustaining Graduate Student Peer Mentoring
Template Anxiety: A Question of Metaphors?