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Expanding Multiliteracies in the Writing Center
New Media Assessment as Disciplinary Sensemaking: The Retrospective Recognition of Alternate Academic Work
The Fall of Wikipedia: When Crowdsourcing Fails
Writing and the Web: Using Web Design and Online Social Media in First Year Composition Classrooms
Digital Autography: Social Media and Cultural Narratives of "Personal" Experience
Digital Autography: Social Media and Cultural Narratives of "Personal" Experience
Creative Writing and New Media Design: Reinventing Creative Writing Pedagogy
Tweeting the Discipline: Knowledge Construction in Digital Spheres and Academic Conferences
Cloud Storage as Friend and Foe in Documenting and Archiving Pedagogical Practices
Play/Perform ​Electracy—the game (hybrid session)
Revising a First-Year Writing Program: Technoliteracies within Institutional Contexts
The New York Public Library: Digitally Remade, Not Undone
The Rhetorical Possibilities of Trigger Warnings
Panel Title: Necessity is the Mother of Intervention: Shifting Scenes, Recent Developments, and the Delivery of Old News
Actor Network Theory as In(ter)vention: Connecting Material and Semiotic Threads Across Community-University Literacy Sponsorship
Challenging Assumptions about Access to Technology: A Data-Driven Approach
The Problem of Nomenclature [with] [in] [Computers and Writing] [Computers and Composition] etc.
Building Connections between digital humanities and Computers & Writing: A C&W/HASTAC Simulcast/Cross-Conference Dialog
Interfaces, Infrastructures, and Interventions in State Institutions
Learning to Use Digital Games and Play: Literacy and Praxis
LMS In(ter)ventions: Negotiating the boundaries of online learning platforms
Research Networks: Vertical research as a tactic for re-inventing faculty productivity and student engagement
IP Stories in Writing Studies: An Intervention Against Censors, Spurious Take-Down Notices, Outrageous Publication Fees, and Other Abuses of Intellectual Property
Sustainable Techno-Literacies: In(ter)ventions in Space Design
Of Networks, Rhizomes, and the GoPro Rhetorical Actor
"Are the Instructors Going to Teach Us Anything?": Conceptualizing Student Roles in the “Rhetorical Composing” MOOC
So Who's Right? Analyzing Rhetorical Leverage Points of #Gamergate to Discuss Ethics and Stakeholders
Reimagining Educational Reform through Composing for Understanding in the International Media Ecosystem
"Teaching tattoos": A body(mod)-focused approach to the composition classroom
Presumed Ubiquity & Tangible Networks: The Materiality of TechnoRhetorical Work
Presumed Ubiquity & Tangible Networks: The Materiality of TechnoRhetorical Work
"See" you later: Online Conferencing with Students
Sustained Development: Creating Customized OWI Instructor Training Programs Which are Built to Last
Intervening in Outcomes: Multimodalityand the CWPA Outcomes Statement
Straddling the (On)line: Newsweek, Slate, and Citation Practices in the Late Age of Print
Digitizing Analog Networks to Share, Showcase, and Reflect Student Writing
Entanglements of Literacy: Twitter, King Lear, and Graduate Composition
Engaging Multiliteracies, Engaging Communities: The Digital Rhetoric Collaborative
Empowering and Sustaining Graduate Student Peer Mentoring
Affective Dissonance and Contextual Orientations to Digital Composing Across Three University Bodies
Dual Identities as Digital Literacies: Student-Writer, Student-Teacher, and Teacher-Interface