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Multimodal Inventions, Transnational Interventions: Decolonizing Imaginaries at an Online Social Change Museum
physComposition: Circuit Crafting and Composing Physical–Digital Texts
Making, Makers, and Makerspaces: The Virtual-Material Rhetorics of Digital Fabrication
The Application of New Media within the College Composition Classroom’s Prewriting Pedagogy
Composing with Creative Commons: A Technoliteracy In(ter)vention
Composing and Publishing Digital Scholarship
Video Composition as Distinctive Practice
“Wait, We’re Not Writing Essays?”: Teaching Diversity Through the Profile in the First-Year Writing Classroom
Copy, Combine, Transform: Assemblage in First Year Composition
Cultural Pedagogies and the Imperative of Difference: Update in Progress
Redefining who we be: Academics inventing motherhood in the digital age of blogging, conferencing, and storytelling in class.
“Refreshing the page: Neo-Retro Interventions in Writing Practice”
Reinventing the Tablet: Examining the Possibilities and Problems of Tablet Computers in College Writing Classes
Play/Perform ​Electracy—the game (hybrid session)
The Work (or Flow) of Workflows: Technological Mediation in Writing Processes
Databases as In(ter)ventions in Composition Pedagogy
In(ter)ventions in Digital Writing Spaces: Exploring the Boundaries Between Public & Private
"Stories that burn like fire": Digital literacy practices in a modding/gaming community
Remaking Moby-Dick as In(ter)vention
An in(ter)vention of humanistic ethics: Digital rhetorics, technical writing, and the “global” techno-literate conundrum
Critical Making vs. Disruptive Innovation
Digital Curation as Rhetorical Practice
Mechanical Turks in the Era of Technoilliteracy
“Wrestling with Audience: Fans Hit the Mark as the YES! Movement Flips the Script”
The Sounds of Access: Disability, Art, and Open-Source DIT (do-it-together) Interventions
An Invention for the Sake of intervention: Google Glass and the Examined Life
Terms of Engagement: Mapping Methods of Feminist Historiographic Research
Sites of Intervention: Re-Imagining Invention and Delivery on Twitter and Yik Yak
Panel Title: Necessity is the Mother of Intervention: Shifting Scenes, Recent Developments, and the Delivery of Old News
Open-Source Interventions: Discovery and invention through OSS documentation in the upper-division technical communication classroom
Podcasting Together: Recording, Editing, and Sharing Sound
Public Protest 2.0: Transforming Twitter into a Public Place for Protest
Unplanned encounters: Distance research as epideictic experience architecture
Technological Inventions and Embodied Interventions
Creative Technoliteracies: Drawing on Creativity to Improve Multimodality Pedagogy
Civic Engagement Ap: Empowering Slacktivist Rhetors to Enact "Real World" Social Change
Visualizing Reading: Transmedia Assignment Sequences
Isocrates and Open-Source Pedagogy in Technical Communication
Circulating Rhetorics: Delivery and Mediation in Cryptocurrency Networks
Inventions in "Web-Sensibility": Coding ePortfolios for Research
Systems In and Out of Control: Trolls and Trolling as Internet Norms
Disability, Access, and Technology
SWIFT In(ter)vention: an Interactive Workshop on Ethical Game Design
Talk to the Talkers: what is academic podcasting all about?
Hunting and Gathering: Tweeting #cwcon
In(ter)ventions and Applications: Considerations for Multimodal Instruction
Memorial Interactivity: Planning Nostalgic UX
Sustainable Techno-Literacies: In(ter)ventions in Space Design
Of Networks, Rhizomes, and the GoPro Rhetorical Actor
Negotiating Networked Learning in the Era of Literacies
Building a Body: Intersections of Technology, Literacy, and the Body in Online Spaces
Writing with Writing: The Role of Software in Digital Composition
Presenting Ourselfies: Practicing Social Media Ethos through the Selfie
"Are the Instructors Going to Teach Us Anything?": Conceptualizing Student Roles in the “Rhetorical Composing” MOOC
Transformative Composition and Performativity: Digital Scholarly Work as Academic Fanfiction
Citation in Web 3.0: The In-Essay Hypertext Bibliography
Dat(a)ctors: rhetoric, design, and storytelling
Aural In(ter)ventions of Body, Voice, and Composition
Audience as Network: A Web 2.0 Circulating Discourse
Synchronous Interventions: Revisiting Webconferencing in the Composition Classroom
Straddling the (On)line: Newsweek, Slate, and Citation Practices in the Late Age of Print
Digitizing Analog Networks to Share, Showcase, and Reflect Student Writing
Engaging Multiliteracies, Engaging Communities: The Digital Rhetoric Collaborative
So the Wor(l)d Might be Mended: Ambient Interventions in Digital Writing Networks
Digital Chronotopes: Synchronous Collaboration Tools and Writing Process Literacy
Template Anxiety: A Question of Metaphors?
A Sense of Whiteness: Finnish Immigrant Miners' Literacy Rhetorics and the Double Threat of Technology and Race-based Exclusion in Early Twentieth-Century America