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Lessons from the Video Editing Interface
Talking About TED: Analyzing TedTalks to Organize Multi-modal Composition
Discovering Your Inner Starbucks: Personality Quizzes as Cultural and Digital Literacy in FYC
Twitter as a Collaborative Writing and Learning Environment
Developing Mobile Apps for Social Change: Stories of Success and Struggle
Making, Makers, and Makerspaces: The Virtual-Material Rhetorics of Digital Fabrication
The Application of New Media within the College Composition Classroom’s Prewriting Pedagogy
Composing with Creative Commons: A Technoliteracy In(ter)vention
Expanding Multiliteracies in the Writing Center
Emotional Technoliteracies: Pathos in Social Media and Identity Creation
Understanding Digital Literacy: Truth or Fiction
Pedagogical Models That Build on Existing Digital Literacies: Kindles in the Classroom and Teaching Boolean Logic Using Social Media
aMused - an introduction to web authoring in Adobe Muse
Welcome to my parlor: Exploring ethos as a dwelling place in the case of Anonymous hacktivism
Video Composition as Distinctive Practice
“Wait, We’re Not Writing Essays?”: Teaching Diversity Through the Profile in the First-Year Writing Classroom
Cultural Pedagogies and the Imperative of Difference: Update in Progress
Technoliteracies in FYW: What Students Learn through Infographics
Incoming Digital Writing Transfer
Assembling Your Own U2: Reading, Research, and Writing in Transmediated Territories
Re/Fashioning and Re/Imagining Community: Identities, Performances, and Online Spaces
The Rhetoric of Audience Empathy: Why Love is a Practical Necessity for Critical Reading in the Social Media Age
The Real and the Realm: Gaming, Teaching, and Learning in a 21st Century Context
Multimodality and Service Learning: Creating Texts that Matter
Reinventing the Tablet: Examining the Possibilities and Problems of Tablet Computers in College Writing Classes
The Technoliteracy of Impact, or How to Use Bibliometrics and Get Noticed
The Work (or Flow) of Workflows: Technological Mediation in Writing Processes
The Dao of Website Design: Exploring the Role of Culture in the Visual Rhetoric of Chinese and American University Websites
Accessing Networks at Community Technology Centers
Databases as In(ter)ventions in Composition Pedagogy
In(ter)ventions in Digital Writing Spaces: Exploring the Boundaries Between Public & Private
"Stories that burn like fire": Digital literacy practices in a modding/gaming community
The Distributed Machine and its Texts: Developing Network Literacies for the Cloud
Revising a First-Year Writing Program: Technoliteracies within Institutional Contexts
Technoliterate In(ter)ventions: Surveillance, Privacy, and Net Neutrality
Reveling in Complexity: Synthesis, Investigation, and Curation in Multimedia Composition Pedagogy
Scaffolding Using Multi-literacies: How Multimodality Fosters Intuitive Agency
Emoj(il)literacy: toward a grammar of pictographs
“Game Over, Man. Game Over”: Computer Game Literacy in Wake of a Culture War
Media and the Dynamic Interventions between Authors and Users In Crafting Communities
Digital Curation as Rhetorical Practice
Mechanical Turks in the Era of Technoilliteracy
Dwelling in Difficulty: Learning from Women's Critical Engagement with Unfamiliar Technologies
“Wrestling with Audience: Fans Hit the Mark as the YES! Movement Flips the Script”
Sensing, Moving, Thinking, & Writing: Embodied Practices for a Digital Landscape
Sonic Literacy Beyond Oral and Aural: Identity in Recorded Voice
Online Models for Intervention: The Role of Community Building
New Media Matter Matters: Preservation, Access, and Literacy in Digital Archives
Actor Network Theory as In(ter)vention: Connecting Material and Semiotic Threads Across Community-University Literacy Sponsorship
Open-Source Interventions: Discovery and invention through OSS documentation in the upper-division technical communication classroom
Visually Communicating Visual Impairments
Podcasting Together: Recording, Editing, and Sharing Sound
The Struggle and Appropriation of Sound in Radio Documentary
Challenges and Possibilities for Student Writing Outcomes Using Video Feedback
Techno-Linguistic Mediations: Mapping Dominant Discourses in Composition
Challenging Assumptions about Access to Technology: A Data-Driven Approach
Transference, Technoliteracy, and the Writing Classroom
Creative Technoliteracies: Drawing on Creativity to Improve Multimodality Pedagogy
The Problem of Nomenclature [with] [in] [Computers and Writing] [Computers and Composition] etc.
Inquiry, Focus, and Remediation: Three Uses of Digital Video in FYC to Engage Student Learning
Visualizing Reading: Transmedia Assignment Sequences
DALN Organizational Meeting
Should There Be An App For That? How Apps Shape and Surveil Familial Bodies
Delivering the Future of Writing: A Critical Analysis of Google Documents Using the Fifth Canon
Interfaces, Infrastructures, and Interventions in State Institutions
Rhetoric, Writing, and Tools: An Experiment in Team Teaching a Hybrid Digital Humanities and Digital Writing Course
Transcontextual Interventions in Digital Literacy Research
Learning to Use Digital Games and Play: Literacy and Praxis
Circulating Rhetorics: Delivery and Mediation in Cryptocurrency Networks
Inventions in "Web-Sensibility": Coding ePortfolios for Research
Broken to be Made: The Rhetoric and Reality of the Coding Crisis
Interrupting the Inevitability of the Freshman Composition Classroom
Show us your Stuff: Materializing Composing Processes
Reinventing Digital Composing: How Comics and Materialist Rhetorics Are Revolutionizing Digital Composition Pedagogies
Time Plays among the Speed-Steeped: Approaches to Pedagogy
SWIFT In(ter)vention: an Interactive Workshop on Ethical Game Design
A Digital Genre Archive: Digital Curation as a Means to Genre Literacy
"Photo Booth is not Photoshop": Interventions in Girls’ Familiar Digital Practices
In(ter)ventions and Applications: Considerations for Multimodal Instruction
“Hold Run to Jump Far”: Examining Schell’s Elemental Tetrad of Game Design in Instructional Documentation Throughout Game History
In(ter)ventions in the Community: Blogging for Nonprofits and High-Stakes Writing within FYC
Multimedia to Learn: Multimodal Interventions in the Writing Classroom
Odd Genres: Beyond the Video Essay
Sustainable Techno-Literacies: In(ter)ventions in Space Design
Whistle While You Work: The Hidden Labor in Academic Play
Negotiating Networked Learning in the Era of Literacies
Building a Body: Intersections of Technology, Literacy, and the Body in Online Spaces
Ethical Dilemmas and Pragmatic Issues when Applying Technoliteracies and Action Research
¡Te Amo, Sparklecow!: An Augmented Reality Game for Writing
Reading the Newsgame: Considerations for Using Games to Teach Critical Thinking Skills
Reimagining Educational Reform through Composing for Understanding in the International Media Ecosystem
"You can see the love and sisterhood": Embodied Visual Argument in a Social Sorority
"Teaching tattoos": A body(mod)-focused approach to the composition classroom
Switch to InDesign, Switch to DITA--A Workshop in learning InDesign alongside Darwin Information Typing Architecture
“Maybe you just weren’t meant to be there”: Challenging Socio-economic Prejudices in the Computer Classroom
Aging, E-literacy, and Technology: Participatory User-centered Design for Older Adults’ Digital Engagement
Intervening Narratives: Technological Literacies of Marginalized Discourse Communities
Dat(a)ctors: rhetoric, design, and storytelling
Too Much! Video Games and Informal Learning
Internet Gremlins: Unchecked Hashtag Growth and Digital Evolution Conundrums