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Lessons from the Video Editing Interface
Autism, Neurodiversity, and Identity Formation through the Internet
Developing Mobile Apps for Social Change: Stories of Success and Struggle
Composing and Publishing Digital Scholarship
Electronic Feedback and Usability in the Composition Classroom
Media-ting Identity
Welcome to my parlor: Exploring ethos as a dwelling place in the case of Anonymous hacktivism
The Case of and the Intervention of Citizen Writers
Writing and the Web: Using Web Design and Online Social Media in First Year Composition Classrooms
Rustic or Vintage Glam?: Pinterest as a Wedding Planning Tool
Digital Access Points for Embodiment: Intersections and Interventions in Digital Composing
User Generated Content as Technical Communication: A Text Mining Content Analysis
Easter Eggs: Hunting for the Expansion of Digital Delivery
Unplanned encounters: Distance research as epideictic experience architecture
Trust in the quantified self and in quantified others: Credibility features of aggregated patient data displays
Should There Be An App For That? How Apps Shape and Surveil Familial Bodies
Delivering the Future of Writing: A Critical Analysis of Google Documents Using the Fifth Canon
Interfaces, Infrastructures, and Interventions in State Institutions
Student-Led Interventions: Developing Campus Accessibility in Writing Classrooms
LMS In(ter)ventions: Negotiating the boundaries of online learning platforms
Disability, Access, and Technology
Merging Multimodal Pedagogy with Critical Pedagogy: The Day the Instructor Disappeared
Smart Syllabus, Smart Student: A Practical Technology Intervention to Improve Document Design and Clarify Pedagogical Goals in the Classroom
Memorial Interactivity: Planning Nostalgic UX
UxD and Online Writing Labs: Meeting the Needs of a Changing Global Audience
Citation in Web 3.0: The In-Essay Hypertext Bibliography
Relocated Attractions at Modern Amusement Parks: Rebuilding an Experience through Rhetoric
ELIZA in SimCity: The Role of V(irtual)-Humans in Technical Writing
A Usability Evaluation of Multi-Modal Feedback in the Undergraduate Composition Classroom
Aging, E-literacy, and Technology: Participatory User-centered Design for Older Adults’ Digital Engagement
Pedagogical and technological interventions in peer review
Presumed Ubiquity & Tangible Networks: The Materiality of TechnoRhetorical Work
Presumed Ubiquity & Tangible Networks: The Materiality of TechnoRhetorical Work
Too Much! Video Games and Informal Learning
"Computer." (Chug-chug-chug) "Working." Futures of Text, as Predicted by Star Trek, Rossum's Robots, and Gadget Salesmen
Video Blogs, Darkroom Snobs, & Digital Logs: Multimodal Approaches to Technoliteracy In(ter)ventions in Developmental Writing
The 21st Century Writer: A Textbook for a New Generation of Writing