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University of Louisville
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UC Berkeley
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Florida State University
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Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
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The Application of New Media within the College Composition Classroom’s Prewriting Pedagogy

The presenter will discuss findings of new technological prewriting techniques that can be utilized as interventions in the composition classroom; this presentation will draw connections from these prewriting advancements to the current college students’ social media literacies, while also explaining how instructors can productively bring their current pedagogy into this new age of technology.

Inventions, Literacies, Pedagogies, Social Media, Technologies composition, process, prewriting Mariah Douglas
Template Anxiety: A Question of Metaphors?

This video essay explores template anxiety in terms of metaphors, using my own experience as a teacher, writer, and designer, and the experiences of colleagues and students as they make use of the Digital Studio at Florida State University. It seeks to pull out and attempt to organize experiences with templates, in order to begin to answer the questions: What are our metaphors about templates? Are we anxious about template usage? And why? And, should we be?

Individuals, Inventions, Writing Studies templates, multimodal, Design, anxiety, metaphor David Bedsole
Creating Interactive Webpages to Highlight Student Success

Using student generated content to create interactive webpages for writing classrooms raises significant questions concerning ownership, socialization, evaluation, and equal access. Fortunately, the evolution of the web as an instructional platform also promises many new and hopefully satisfying solutions. This presentation will explore some of my choices when creating an online workspace with students this year for Helen Hunt Jackson's 19th century ethical romance novel Ramona.   

Access, Digital Humanities, Pedagogies, Technologies, Writing Studies Benjamin Spanbock
Time Plays among the Speed-Steeped: Approaches to Pedagogy

In this presentation, I describe pedagogical approaches that privilege temporality as chief agent in the writing classroom.  I propose speed as the dominant value in traditional and multimodal composing work both in and out of the twenty-first century classroom, and consider how the multiple logics of speed affect classroom practice. My talk argues that what it means to be literate, to be educated, to be an engaged and active writing and composing citizen is enriched when reinterpreted with significant attention to what is valued about temporality.  I provide specific pedagogical examples in order to support my argument.

Interventions, Literacies, Pedagogies Lynn Lewis