w7 Show us your stuff: Materializing composing processes


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Kansas State University
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University of South Carolina
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University of Cincinnati
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Show us your Stuff: Materializing Composing Processes

This interactive workshop session focuses on diverse materialities that animate composing. We conceive materialities as writing technologies (pencil, notebook, computer, keyboard), objects that surround writing (televisions, mugs) as well as more transient and environmental factors like sound, space, others, memory, and feeling. Our workshop explores composing as an enigmatic yet paradoxically grounded experience as well as one rich with “stuff”—the stuff of making, to be sure, but also the stuff of identity formation and community membership. We will begin with brief introductory framing statements by each participant and then curate a set of guided writing and discussion activities aimed at provoking stories, memories, and sensory associations with composing stuff. Our larger goal is to encourage narratives about composing and materiality that might lay bare the material stuff of composing often operating behind screens and pages or within tools and heads. Ultimately we see this work as prodding new research questions and raising questions about teaching composing in stuff-centric ways. We are guided by the assumption that showing our stuff is one way to access and challenge the assumptions, hopes, and underacknowledged forces that guide our work in the profession and in our lives as composers.

Literacies, Pedagogies, Technologies materiality, material culture, composing processes, embodiment, writing technology Hannah Rule, Laura Micciche, Cydney Alexis