w9 SWIFT In(ter)vention: an Interactive Workshop on Ethical Game Design


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SWIFT In(ter)vention: an Interactive Workshop on Ethical Game Design

Concerns over gamification have lead game scholars and designers to (re)introduce true, ethical game design methods to educational stakeholders. Following these scholars, I invite C&W attendees to participate in three activities aimed at (re)introducing ethical game design through discussion, play, and creation in the writing classroom. First, we will have an active discussion aimed at understanding the problems of current gamification practices and a return to ethical game design practices like goal setting, collaboration, and transparency. Second, participants will experience these practices as players through a simulated writing activity I use in Business Writing classes called SWIFT. Finally, participants will become game designers, and create or revise their own writing assignments using ethical game design principles. This workshop’s overall goal is to create new understandings and practices on creating activity space where players/students can “charge the game with their own ethics through the act of playing” through flexible, clear, and challenging design (Holmevik, 146).

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